Why We Run - IgnitesDespite the photo used for their latest single, Why We Run‘s “Ignites” is anything but creepy, strange, or bizarre. It’s quite the opposite actually. It’s a really heart-racing, arousing indie-pop song. The harmonies and melody are intoxicating, and the chorus is sublime. It’s a song that gets better with each spin – a song that truly grabs hold and doesn’t let go.

What is surprising is that this track has yet to grab hold Down Under despite retaining the lush qualities of their debut single, “Comfortable Lie”, which we featured back in February. The single is below.

No word on whether an album is in the works by the Sydney-based quartet. We are excited to hear what’s next, as their first two singles are terrific.

Why We Run are Nic Cogels, Nick Langley, Ed Prescott and Lloyd Prescott. Find “Ignites” and twenty-one other singles on the June 26th Edition of the Weekend Showcase, our weekly playlist showcasing under-the-radar talents from around the globe.


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