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Cover of The Thief Who Knows My Name by My Dead AirMy Dead Air‘s Dan Ballard is no stranger to hit popular music. His band, Until June was a best selling band in Europe, and had some success in North America, having their songs featured on the soundtracks for multiple television shows. After Until June’s popularity and activity settled down, Ballard decided to create his own side project, called My Dead Air.  He’s released two EP’s, and My Dead Air will self-release his first full-length record, The Thief Who Knows My Name on August 14.

This week, he shares a laid back track “Holding On” which will be on The Thief Who Knows My Name. “Holding On” was Ballard’s first track written for the record, and features drummer Aaron Sterling of John Mayer’s band as well as David Beste of California rock band Rival Sons. “Holding On” is a track that is reminiscent of some of the best laid back music of the 1970s and it just goes down smooth. Ballard cites many different influences, including Harry Nilsson, George Harrison, Bon Iver, and My Morning Jacket which should make for quite an interesting album. Take a listen to “Holding On” below, and be sure to grab a copy of The Thief Who Knows My Name on August 14.

Connect with My Dead Air on Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud, and their website. Featured photo by Trever Hoehne.

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