Luna Kiss is a four piece alternative rock band from the UK (Coventry to be exact). The band is comprised of Chris Butler, Will Russell, James Pedley and Ross Morris. They have been making some pretty good alternative indie rock since 2009. One of their older tracks “Take Her Away” is a heavy guitar driven track (ala Zeppelin) with Jeff Buckley-ish vocals. They have just released a brand new video for their title track “Gravity” which is also the title of their upcoming EP. With their newest track, they are perfecting a more polished and progressive sound within the alternative rock arena and will definitely be keeping tabs on this band.

Last year they released a five track EP titled Conjure & Sin which provided more of their guitar heavy tracks similar to “Take Her Away”. With “Gravity”, the vocals are pushed a bit more to the front and it provides the perfect mix of smart and quick guitar work without penning themselves as just another young guitar heavy band.

You can find more tunes at their website or on i-Tunes. If you dig Luna Kiss, like and follow them on all their proper social media channels and tell a friend.

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If you happen to be from the UK or are near Leamington Spa, you can catch their Gravity EP Release at The Zephyr Lounge on Saturday July 11.



Facebook: Luna Kiss

Twitter: @lunakissband

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