Jesse Payne - Heirloom

Jesse Payne‘s music is a bold blend of post-rock and folk music. On August 14, Payne will release his latest LP, Heirloom. This week, he shared the track “Ravens” with American Songwriter. On “Ravens”, Payne’s voice is reminiscent of the soothing crooning of M. Ward, but with an instrumental you’d expect from a band involving the Dessner twins.  It’s a really great track with some stunning harmonies, guitar that is almost droning at time, and some real top notch drumming.

If “Ravens” and Payne’s earlier releases, two EP’s, Buffalo and Beyond The Leaves and an LP from 2009 Nesting, are any indication, we’re in for a a real treat on August 14 when he releases Heirloom. Take a listen to “Ravens” as well as the also great track “Origins” below. And as always, keep up to date with Jesse Payne on his website, Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud!

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