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For those who like: Springtime Carnivore, Kind Cousin

Our take: BETS’ “Jenny” is a little bubble-gum, indie-pop song that is highly catchy and sweet. The song recalls a one-night stand in Paris with a woman named Jenny; hence, the ’60s-style French pop melodies incorporated into the song and the subtle remarks in French heard throughout the track. The single demonstrates BETS’ immense range, as she’s written heavier, more in-your-face pop tunes. But on “Jenny”, she adopts a very intimate approach, transforming the pop tune into a romantic ballad.

What’s next: “Jenny” is the lead single from BETS’ forthcoming album Days Hours Nights. The release date has yet to be determined. Check BETS’ social media sites for updates.

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Weekend Showcase Edition: July 3, 2015

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