Location: New York City

Members: Dicey Hollow are Petter Ericson Stakee, front man of Alberta Cross, and his long-time friend, Jamie Biden.

For those who like: Alberta Cross, Jason Isbell, Strand of Oaks

Our take: “Silver and Sand” sounds like a song that two friends have long wanted to perform for years, and now they finally have the opportunity. Stakee and Biden have crafted a song that is intimate, breathtaking, and gorgeous. They’ve been able to take alt-country and bring it to ethereal heights that few have been able to. There aren’t many more adjectives left to describe this stunning song other than it’s one of our favorites of the year so far. Outstanding!

What’s next: Dicey Hollow’s self-titled debut EP will drop on July 24 via Dine Alone Records. If the rest of the EP is as beautiful as “Silver and Sand”, then we’ll need a defibrillator to jump-start our heart.

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Weekend Showcase Edition: July 3, 2015

Dicey Hollow - by Jason McDonald

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