Location: Brooklyn, New York

Members: Fruit&Flowers is the joint project of Caro Lyzi and Ana Shaw.

For those who like: Coves, Gulp, Porcelain Raft

Our take: Last year, UK duo Coves blew our minds with their debut album, Soft Friday, which was one of our favorite albums of 2014. We’ve been waiting for another band to emerge this year and let us re-live that experience. Well, we finally found that band. Fruit&Flowers recently released their debut single, “Turquoise”. Like Coves, the Brooklyn duo are able to take psychedelic and synth-pop sounds and escalate them to atmospheric heights. “Turquoise” is dreamy, spacey, and seismic. It’s an outstanding debut. Now the question becomes, “Can Fruit&Flowers replicate these reactions on their future work?” We can’t wait to find out the answer.

What’s next: We’re not quite sure. Follow their social media sites for updates (we will be!).

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Weekend Showcase Edition: July 3, 2015


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