Location: From Sydney, Australia but currently based in London, United Kingdom

Members: Lucy Mason

For those who like: Alessia Cara, Verite, Daughter

Our take: While mainstream radio still loves it gullible pop music, there is a surge in pop music that’s much more personal and a little bit rougher on the edges. The music is also cinematic, but not going overboard with the arias (see Mariah Carey). Lucy Mason is one such singer-songwriter. Her latest single, “Seas of Grey”, is heart-pounding yet sensual. And while the music is dramatic, it is Mason’s terrific voice that carries the song.

What’s next: No official word on whether Lucy Mason is working on new music or an album. Check her social media sites for updates.

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Weekend Showcase Edition: July 3, 2015

Other music: Lucy Mason has released a few tracks over the past couple of months, including “Lost & Found”, which has the haunting beauty of Daughter. The video for the single is below.



Lucy Mason - Seas of Grey

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