Location: New York, New York

Members: MAINLAND are Jordan Topf (lead vocals, guitar), Corey Mullee (guitar), Alex Pitta (bass), and Dylan Longstreet (drums).

For those who like: Passion Pit, Breakfast, Cheerleader

Our take: It’s summertime and there is no shortage of songs that are competing to be the anthem of June, July, and August. The latest contender is “Outcast” by New York City quartet MAINLAND. A cheery and anthemic number, “Outcast” actually reflects back on the many people left behind as one moves forward with his life. While the upbeat nature of the song would indicate celebrating one’s new found freedoms, the song has the opposite meaning.

“Outcast” also represents a change in approach for MAINLAND. Their previous songs were lo- and mid-fi indie numbers. The new sound should be a winner among old and new fans.

What’s next: MAINLAND will release their debut album early in 2016. We anticipate a couple more singles to drop before the new year, so check out their social media sites for updates.

Social media: Website  Facebook  Twitter

Weekend Showcase Edition: July 3, 2015

Other music: About a year ago, they released an EP called Shiner. Spin it on SoundCloud.


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