Location: From Makaha, Hawaii but now based in Brooklyn, New York.

Members: Meghann Wright is supported by Andrew Nesbitt (drums), Eva Lawitts bass), and Todd Louis (guitars)

For those who like: Thea Gilmore, Munroe, Neko Case

Our take: There isn’t a lot of blues-rock music hitting the mainstream, but Meghann Wright could change all that. Her latest single, “Black Kiss”, is a catchy but dark blues rocker. Like the great singer-songwriters, such as Thea Gilmore and Neko Case, Wright sings with not just passion but with an attitude. An attitude that she will overcome anything and everything, including making blues-rock part of pop culture once again.

What’s next: “Black Kiss” is from Meghann Wright’s new album Nothin’ Left To Lose. It’s out now via BlackTop Records. Get the album at BlackTop, iTunes, Amazon, and eMusic.

Social media: Website  Facebook  Twitter

Weekend Showcase Edition: July 3, 2015

Other music: “Vacancy” is from Nothin’ Left to Lose, a classic country-blues rocker.

Meghann Wright - Nothin Left to Lose

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