Location: Vancouver, British Columbia

Members: Mourning Coup is the project of Chandra Melting Tallow. She is supported by Caitlin Gallupe (bass); Bára Hladíková  (synth); Claire Newton (synth); and Jordan Minkoff (guitar).

For those who like: P.J. Harvey, Blood Orange, Lana Del Rey

Our take: From the opening notes to the poignant songwriting to Chandra Melting Tallow’s voice, Mourning Coup’s “Baby Blue” reminded us of a young P.J. Harvey. It also tickles with the electro-pop sensibilities of Dev Hynes – aka Blood Orange. Bring these two elements together and you have a startling, fantastic debut by a young singer-songwriter with an immense future. We can’t wait to hear her debut album.

What’s next: “Baby Blue” is the lead single and title track of Mourning Coup’s debut record. Baby Blue will be released August 17 via No Sun Recordings.

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Weekend Showcase Edition: July 3, 2015


Mourning Coup - photo by Katrice Dustin

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