Location: Los Angeles, California

Members: NÉONHÈART are Canadian singer Christina O’Connor and Chinese songwriter/producer HAOO.

For those who like: Sia, Daughter, Ellie Goulding

Our take: We have a soft spot for songs ethereal songs, especially those with ambient and electro-pop leanings. NÉONHÈART’s “Comatose” falls in this category. It’s not so much the subtle beats provided by HAOO or the vulnerable voice of O’Connor, but rather the intoxicating pace the duo have created on this song. Nothing feels hurried. Every note, tone, and lyric is accentuated to heighten to create a sense of urgency and longing.

What’s next: NÉONHÈART released their debut EP earlier this week. Pick up Awakening at iTunes and hear their stunning work of this emerging duo.

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Weekend Showcase Edition: July 3, 2015

NÉONHÈART - Awakening

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