Location: Melbourne, Australia

For those who like: Guantanomo Baywatch, The Go! Team, Nai Harvest

Our take: Even though they’ve only shared two singles, Pow Pow Kids are emerging as a favorites of ours. Their music is boisterous, amusing, unpretentious, and entertaining. Like “Pow Pow Theme”, Pow Pow Kids demonstrate once again the ability to craft catchy hooks and a hollering chorus on their latest track, “I’m Alright Now”. This song, though, is much more refined than their debut single. It has a great guitar flurry to end the song and, let’s be honest, a few more lyrics. The future is bright for this young Aussie band. Hopefully, they’ll retain the same playfulness as they get older and more popular.

What’s next: We don’t have any idea what’s next, but we’re willing to bet they’ll share a new single within the next three months. That or they’ll suddenly drop an EP for everyone to enjoy.

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Weekend Showcase Edition: July 3, 2015

Other music: We featured the “Pow Pow Theme” on a Weekend Showcase in June. You can find the single here.

Pow Pow Kids

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