Location: Cambridge/London, United Kingdom

Member: Velvet Morning is the project of Samuel Jones, who is accompanied by Charlie Carmichael, Chris Richardson and John Kirkwood.

For those who like: Veronica Falls, Widowspeak

Our take: There’s a quiet beauty to “Blue Baby Jean”. Beneath the shimmering, shoegaze-y guitars and the haunting psychedelia, frontman Samuel Jones’ voice echoes in the background. It’s hallow yet stunning and adds a depth to this hypnotic single. “Blue Baby Jean” is a masterful display of mood and introspection, a song that would perfect in a David Lynch movie.

What’s next: “Blue Baby Jean” is from Velvet Morning’s debut album, Gorilla, which is out now via EXAG / Rip Records. Purchase it at the label’s store and Amazon.

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Weekend Showcase Edition: July 3, 2015

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