Consider Me Dead is a trio from Arizona who have garnered a pretty large following probably in part to their interaction with fans on social media. The refreshing thing about this band is they are approachable on twitter and Facebook and are having real conversations with their fans which no doubt has contributed to their success.

The band is made up of Chris Brewington, Brandon Pettitt and Kevin McGuire. I have a thing for indie/electro pop bands and while some of their tracks are harder, I’m sure their fan base is under 20 but I still dig their sound. I hate comparing to other bands but they are similar to Fall Out Boy. One of their lead singles from Young At Heart is “Up All Night” and I can’t help from moving to that track.

Their debut album Young At Heart was released last year and it does show their range from being more than just a typical electro-indie pop band. There are many movable tracks including “Up All Night“, “Young At Heart” and “Lift You Up“. The trio also show a slower side with  “My Lucid Dreams“. There are songs about broken relationships including “Rise of the Harlot“,  “The Witching Hour” and “The Eulogy Ballroom” which provide perfect break up songs. “Like Thunder” is one of their harder tracks with a bit of screaming lyrics but it works for the song. “Pointless Chase” is a track about that relationship you want to pursue even though you know you shouldn’t. “Digital Demons” is a track about trying to get away from your past and move forward anyway.

Consider Me Dead is offering up a nice mix of synth, beats, guitars and vocals with songs that also have deeper lyrics than your average indie pop band. Will be interested to see where the trio goes from here.

If you dig electro indie-pop like me, you can purchase Young at Heart over on i-Tunes or stream the album on Spotify.


Facebook: Consider Me Dead

Twitter: @considermedead

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