If you don’t follow TripleJ on youtube, you should. Their Like A Versions are some of the best covers out there. Most of the indie bands cover a well known song. The Belligerents are an Australian based 5 piece band making some pretty good indie rock right now and they did an awesome version of the popular track.

The indie rock band with a bit of psych influences brought some fuzz to this version and even some cowbell but it totally worked in this instance.

If you aren’t familiar with The Belligerents, get to know this talented and emerging band (their newest track Voices posted below).

Band members are Lewis Stephenson, James Griffin, Konstantin Kersting, Andy Balzat, and Samuel Sargent.

We are always looking for great covers so feel free to send us an e-mail if you have one you want us to consider for this weekly feature.

Website: thebelligerents.net

Facebook: The Belligerents

Twitter: @thebelligerents

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