Location: Melbourne, Australia

MembersColoured Clocks are James Wallace (vocals, guitar); Alex Fewings (keys); Steve Flack (bass); and Wesley Fuller (drums).

For those who like: Axxas/Abraxas, GOASTT, Wesley Fuller

Our take: One of the most pleasant surprises we’ve heard this year is “Waiting On You”, a gorgeous and intimate psychedelic-pop song by Coloured Clocks. The track is right out of the ’70s but with a modern touch. It resonates with the brilliance of The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger and Axxas/Abraxas. We can’t wait to hear what’s next from this young quartet.

Other news: A couple of weeks ago, Ben featured Wesley Fuller as a hidden gem. He asked the question about his other endeavours. Well, we have part of the answer. Anyway, you can purchase Coloured Clocks’ music on Bandcamp, which includes a free download of their 2014 album, All Is Round. Below is another new track, “Fly the Bi-Plane”.

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Weekend Showcase Edition: July 10, 2015

Coloured Clocks - Waiting On You

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