Location: Columbus, Ohio, USA

Members: Fine Animal are Lucy Oaks and Kelan Gilbert.

For those who like: Dreamboat, Porcelain Raft, FURS

Our take: We are huge fans of the dream-pop and psychedelic-pop scene, so to discover a new band that makes the ethereal sound even more beautiful gets us awfully excited. Fine Animal is a new arrival to the genre, but they sound like they’ve been creating dream-pop for decades. “When It Happens (it all happens at once)” is sublime. It has the haunting yet alluring qualities you want to hear in the genre but at the same time the lush melodies that have you holding your breath for an extra second or two. Simply fantastic.

What’s next: “When It Happens (it all happens at once) is from Fine Animal’s debut album, Before the Glow. The album extends from dream-pop to electro-pop to ambient-electronic. It’s a cinematic album that is a stunning listen. Before the Glow can be purchased on Fine Animal’s Bandcamp site, where you can name your own price (we suggest leaving a small tip if you can). Alternatively, stream it on SoundCloud and hear a couple of other tracks below.

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Weekend Showcase Edition: July 10, 2015

Fine Animal

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