Location: Manchester, United Kingdom

Members: Girl Friend are siblings Amory (vocals) and Eleanor (vocals) plus Sam (drums) and Jake (keys, guitar).

For those who like: Summer Camp, BREAKFAST

Our take: Over the past few months, we’ve become more familiar with Girl Friend’s music. Their indie pop has a decidedly retro flavor, in particular to ’80s synth-pop. Their latest song, “Arrive Alone Leave Alone”, goes back another decade. The song is a disco-inspired pop song. With its great, smooth grooves and harmonies, the song is a scintillating track worthy of a spot on anyone’s summer soundtrack. This is a young band to watch.

Other news: In March, Girl Friend released Arrive Alone Leave Alone EP. It contained three songs of catchy and vibrant ’80s indie pop. You can hear the EP below.

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Weekend Showcase Edition: July 10, 2015

Girl Friend - Arrive Alone

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