LocationNew Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Members: James Rose is James Rose.

For those who like: Elliott Smith, Mikal Cronin

Our take: James Rose is the every person’s singer-songwriter. With his poignant and engaging songwriting and a lush, acoustic sound a la Elliott Smith, Rose has the skills to be an indie star. His latest song, “Sun Rays”, is a subtly majestic masterpiece. With his soft falsetto and warm, embracing sound, “Sun Rays” just mesmerizes. It would be perfect to hear live while sitting around a campfire.

Other news: “Sun Rays” will officially be publicly available on August 1st. Later that month, James Rose will be doing a mini-tour to promote his work, traveling through Connecticut and stopping in New York City and potentially other destinations. Afterwards, he’ll return to New Orleans to record his new EP. You can hear his previous EP, Odd Hours for Dreaming, on SoundCloud or get it at Bandcamp (name your own price, but we suggest leaving a tip). The EP resonates of John Lennon shortly after the dissolution of The Beatles and Elliott Smith.

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Weekend Showcase Edition: July 10, 2015

James Rose - Sun Rays

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