Location: Warwickshire, United Kingdom

Members: Keyes is… we don’t know.

For those who like: Lana Del Rey, Marika Hackman, Ryn Weaver

Our take: The UK has been producing some fantastic, young singer-songwriters who are creating thoughtful, edgy pop music. Keyes is another one to add next to the likes of Marika Hackman and Lucy Mason. Although only 18-years old, Keyes has crafted a stirring, allegorical number with “Poor Man’s Paradise”. Her youthful voice gives her music an innocence and, thus, a crushing quality.

Other news: Keyes wrote this single in 30 minutes, which is extraordinary. She’s released one other single, “Veins”, which you can hear below. It retains the innocence of “Poor Man’s Paradise”, although slightly more uptempo. However, unlike mainstream pop numbers, there’s no overdramatic conclusion or chorus. Instead, it retains a midtempo approach to get the listener captivated.

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Weekend Showcase Edition: July 10, 2015


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