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MembersSample Answer is Maurice O’Connor.

For those who like: City in Color, Samm Henshaw, Ed Sheeran

Our take: In hearing “Good Boy”, it’s difficult to not compare Maurice O’Connor – a.k.a. Sample Answer – to Canadian star Dallas Green – a.k.a. City in Color. Their music is acoustic-driven yet can be uplifting and euphoric. However, where O’Connor differs is that he mixes in other genres, particularly soul, which often adds an underlying edge, as is heard on this brilliant track. He’s not quite like Ed Sheeran in that he’s creating really catchy music; instead, his music is thoughtful, poignant, and stunning.

Other news: Sample Answer will release his latest EP, Good Boy, on July 24th via ACP Recordings/Essential Music. The second single from the EP is “Hold On To Me”, which he shared this week. Hear it below. He’s also released other singles, which incorporate hip hop and R&B as well as soul. The young man is a chameleon when it comes to music.

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Weekend Showcase Edition: July 10, 2015


Sample Answer - Good Boy EP

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