Location: Gotherburg, Sweden

Members: Two Year Vacation are a mystery, but their music is cool.

For those who like: Cymbals

Our take: While Two Year Vacation are a bit of a mysterious group, their combination of orchestral pop and ’70s indie pop is fantastic. Their new single, “Straight Home to You”, is a soaring, euphoric number. The flourishes of the flute is a nice touch and adds another layer of deliciousness to this track. And is that cowbell we hear?

Other news: Two Year Vacation likely adopt their name from a Jules Verne novel. Their music, too, reflects good times to be had on the holiday. Take for instance, “Canned Heat”, a single they released last year that reflects the attitude and sound of the band.

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Weekend Showcase Edition: July 10, 2015

Two Year Vacation - Straight Home to You

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