Location: Austin, Texas, USA

Members: Wild Child are Alexander Beggins (lead vocals, baritone, ukulele); Kelsey Wilson (lead vocals, violin); Evan Magers (keyboards); Drew Brunetti (drums); Sadie Wolfe (cello); and Chris D’Annunzio (bass).

For those who like: The Head and The Heart, Houndmouth

Our take: With their infectious blend of indie-folk and indie-rock, Austin’s Wild Child have gathered a pretty sizable following. Admittedly, we weren’t one of them until recently. In listening to their latest single, “Fools”, we’re asking ourselves what it took us so long to get on the bandwagon. “Fools” is an upbeat and terrific song. It’s rich, warm, and vibrant. It’s a great track and a song to be heard on all occasions, in all conditions, and fit for any festival (well, virtually any).

Other news: Wild Child will be releasing their new album on October 2. Fools will be released by Dualtone Records.

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Weekend Showcase Edition: July 10, 2015

Wild Child - Fools

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