Burn Antares is a Sydney based quintet who is creating some really great 60s influenced rock. The band is comprised of Grace Farriss, Sean Casey, Daniel Murchison, Tom Hoglund and Thom Eagleton and they released their first EP back in 2013.

Farriss has a mesmerizing sultry voice that brings you in from the start. Their most recent single release from their EP is “Vangablonde” which showcases her vocal talent best.  Fur Coat and The Peace Boat is a nice collection of 60s inspired rock with the three best tracks on the EP being “Crystal Love“, “Discord & The Amity” and “Vangablonde“.

Grace Farris is like a modern day Stevie Nicks so there is a definite reason to take notice of this emerging band. If you long for 60s inspired rock, then look no further. You can download tracks from i-tunes and bandcamp. Here is the video for “Vangablonde” and their two aforementioned tracks we can’t get enough of.


Website: Burn Antares

Facebook: Burn Antares

Twitter: @BurnAntares

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