In listening to Fine Points‘ debut album Hover, I’m reminded of Oshin, the breakthrough album by Brooklyn’s DIIV. While the two aren’t exactly the same, they share similarities. Both are stunning albums that combine indie rock, psychedelia, and shoegaze. However, whereas DIIV approached the experimentation by deconstructing the genres to create a dreamy, gorgeous sound, Fine Points opt for more sunny dispositions. By incorporating jangle-pop and My Bloody Valentine sonic overtures, they’ve created an album that at times has a cool, beach-side vibe and on other occasions just scintillates and rocks. However, it’s not quite the psychedelia coming out the San Francisco area, as Fine Points’ attempt to create music that stuns as oppose to blowing one’s mind.

The best example of this lush, cool, yet vibrant sound is “Amalia” – Real Estate-esque song that mixes jangle-pop with light touches of shoegaze. The melodic approach perfectly fits with the song’s story of a young woman growing up. Its anti-climatic finish is a brilliant touch to extend the idea of maturation and new beginnings. The lead and opening single, “Astral Season” and “These Days”, likewise, are warm and uplifting songs that bring together both the California vibe and shoegaze guitar licks.

“The Painted Fox” is the highlight of the album. With its shoegaze foundation and psychedelic undertones, the song is lush yet beautifully melodic. The methodical, slow build is brilliant and adds a bit of extra drama to this fantastic track. “Future Hands” is another of the album’s gems. While it starts off slowly as a dream-pop tune, at the two-minute mark it takes a sudden turn into a scintillating, crystalline guitar-driven number. The final third of the song is euphoric and stunning. While the song comes in at just over 6 minutes, it has the potential to be extended into a cataclysmic, live jam.

To hear the entire album before its release date, head over to Flood Magazine, which is streaming the album in its entirety.

Hover officially drops on Friday, July 17 via Dine Alone Records. Pre-order it at iTunes and Amazon.

Fine Points are Evan Reiss and Matt Holliman, who for more than ten years have been strumming guitar riffs for San Francisco jam band, Sleepy Sun.

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Fine Points - Hover

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