DTCV is a female fronted French-American post punk duo from California.The band name is pronounced “detective” so it’s only fitting they chose “Watching The Detectives” to cover. Singer Guylaine Vivarat offers strong female fronted vocals with help from American guitarist James Greer.

We are excited to share this really awesome cover of Costello’s “Watching The Detectives“.

The cover is a bonus track from their third album Uptime! that is available on VINYL (Unsatisfied) + CASSETTE (Lolipop)

DTCV is currently working on a new French album to come out this fall in France. Their most recent album release is Uptime! which is a pretty great little album and you should check it out. It’s streaming on Spotify or you can purchase their music over at their website.

Facebook: DTCV

Twitter: @DTCVrock

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