It’s the last day of Bluesfest. It’s probably safe to say that we’re all feeling a little relieved that this marathon of a music festival is almost over yet disappointed that we have to wait another year to be able to see some 300 acts over 10-11 days.

Anyway, here’s the RBC Bluesfest July 19th Gig Picks. Today is a microcosm of Bluesfest – a wide range of acts to choose from and a few could even be the headliner. The Ottawa performers are also listed below, and you can check out the Ottawa Soundmakers series for more info.

Since this the final one Gig Picks, a little musical interlude is required.


Danson Jam Session – 9:30 PM, Monster Energy Stage

The first jam session was yesterday. That was probably a rehearsal for this extravaganza that will bring together some of the great blues musicians from the area and who are at Bluesfest. You can find yesterday’s description over here.


Randy BachmanRandy Bachman – 7:00 PM, Bell Stage

Randy Bachman. Do I need to say more? OK. Bachman Turner Overdrive. “Taking Care of Business”. “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet”. “American Woman”. Canadian rock legend.


Weird Al“Weird Al” Yankovic – 5:30 PM, Claridge Stage

You’re probably asking, “Why ‘Weird Al’?” Then you’re probably asking yourself, “But why not?” That’s what I’m asking myself anyway. While people shouldn’t expect him to break out the “Fat”, sumo-wrestling costume, maybe he’ll re-enact the dance moves. His new album, though, plays homage to the EDM scene. This show could be something special and, at the very least, entertaining.


The Temperance MovementThe Temperance Movement – 4:00 PM, Claridge Stage

The Temperance Movement may be from London, but the UK quintet have a sound and style that percolates with some of the great rock bands from the southern US. With dashes of The Black Crowes and The North Mississippi Allstars, This might be the band that people end up talking about as the great discovery they made at Bluesfest.


Ottawa Musicians

There’s a flurry of Ottawa-area acts performing today. As has become the tradition of Bluesfest, Sunday starts with Be In The Band (2:30 PM, Monster Energy Stage), where local kids of all ages get the chance to play 2 or 3 songs in front of family, friends, and the curious. Catch the next Alannis Morissette, Kira Isabella, or Richard Reed Parry (of Arcade Fire).

The Superlative (3:00 PM, Bell Stage) kick off the music on the main stages with their blend of pop-rock and emo. Fans of Sum 41 and Blink-182 should check them out this rising act. The Slow Century (3:00 PM, Canadian Stage) are another local rock band, whose style leans more towards blues-rock but they can occasionally kick things up several notches.

Renee Landry (6:30 PM, Barney Danson Theatre) now calls Ottawa home. A native of Sault Ste. Marie, Landry is a chameleon of a performer. She can jive with ’50s-style pop to funk to pull-your-heart-strings folk. With the intimate setting of the Barney Danson Theatre, anything is possible.

What would a Bluesfest be without MonkeyJunk (8:00, Monster Energy Stage). The award-winning blues-roots band have been performing at Bluesfest for years, probably for more than a decade. Their show never gets old. Ray Harris & The BSOBs (8:00 PM, Barney Danson Theatre), meanwhile, will be blasting their blend of Americana, roots, and honkeytonk blues. Harris’ music is for the everyday individual – stories about real-life experiences and the people who live them.

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