Last month, we were first introduced to DIV I DED when they released “Late Awakening”. This young band from the Czech Republic only formed late in 2013, and here they are today releasing their debut full-length Born to Sleep. Created by multi-instrumentalist Filip Helštýn and frontwoman Viktorie Marksová, the five-piece create shimmering, shoegaze-y indie rock and psychedelic pop. Born to Sleep echoes of the brilliance and deliriousness of shoegaze legends The Jesus & Mary Chain to the modern sounds of Sweden’s Westkust and A Sunny Day in Glasgow, who had one of our favorite albums of 2014.

DIV I DED are not a one-trick pony, however. Their music can feel like a journey through time, such as on “Electric Age” and the closer “Half Sleeping, which is a mind bender. It be warm, engaging, and embracing, such as the gorgeous “Between Us” and “Frozen”. It can be blistering and heart-racing, as heard on “Late Awakening”, “Star Rover II”, and the outstanding whirlwind that is “No Light”. Or DIV I DED can blast songs that stand next to some of the best shoegaze rock on the planet with the stupendous “Other City” standing out in this regard.

Born to Sleep comes out officially tomorrow, although you can hear it in its entirety below and purchase it on Bandcamp of Fleeting Youth Records.

To understand what each track means, Filip Helštýn has shared a track-by-track commentary, which is well worth reading.

DIV I DED are Viktorie Marksová (vocals); Filip Helštýn (producer/production); Ondra Mikula (bass, production); Jakub Zháňal (drums); and Štěpán Brož (guitar). Follow them on Facebook.


DIV I DED, Born to Sleep, Track-by-Track Commentary

Born To Sleep was recorded sporadically from 2008-2014. I had few instrumental songs, which I recorded originally for a now defunct band called Saturn United, and wanted to continue creating music under a new name. After we recorded the newest song, “Star Rover II” in the Summer of 2014, we decided Born to Sleep would be a darker, moodier album and continued on that route.

All parasites of daylight
Slowly swallowing the sun
All parasites of daylight
Slowly swallowing the sun

“Late Awakening” was originally a Saturn United song. All music is by me except bass guitar recorded by Vojta Cigler along with lyrics and vocal melodies by Vojta. It’s about being stuck in a dark place, but having hope that someone or something out there will bring us back to the light.

Every dawning
Every sundown, only fears
Forever we will walk in the dark
And wander into the stars

“Star Rover II” is dedicated to Jack London’s book of the same name. It’s about astral traveling, exploration of space, finding new worlds and dimensions. “Star Rover II” is re-recorded re-arranged and sped up version of original Saturn United song.

Such a nonsense race, electric age

“Electric Age” was recorded in the spring of 2013 and, musically it was inspired by Slowdive’s song “Miranda.” The lyrics are inspired by the environment we are currently living in. It’s about the cosmic future and how lost people would be without electricity and computers.

My ice kingdom
My heart will open in my dreams
I’ll change my mind and I’ll change my mind

“Frozen” is my personal favourite track on an album. I will play it to the end of my career! Music was recorded in spring of 2013 by myself. Lyrics were originally written in Czech language by my friend Jana Blahutová that I have since translated to English and added a nice chorus. It’s loosely based on a fairytale about when your heart and soul get frozen because you are afraid to be in serious relationship after years of betrayal and heartbreak.

I‘m running through the corpse
This is my last day

“Other City” was one of the original songs written and put together in 2008. It was actually lost for awhile, but we found it on my computer and Viktorie liked it, so we improved on the original sound and it was done. This track is about when you are bored and annoyed of your hometown and you are dying to get out and experience something different.

I wanna be high over all the sadness
To realize that I really exist
I wanna be high over and over

“Between Us” is another older song in the group and is another somber track about the trials and tribulations of love and loss. Mainly about the period after a break up of a long and serious relationship where you feel so down, stoned, lost, and out.

Don’t feel emotions
Don’t feel the fear
You hear delusion
The doctor is here

“No Light” was recorded after my other band’s split in November 2014. It was inspired by Cocteau Twins’ “Whales Tails” with gnarled guitar sounds towards the end. Lyrics are about Viktorie’s period in an insane asylum– being alone, taking pills, etc. It’s a really powerful song that I wish I could explain, but you can feel in the music itself.

I saw machines kill the humans
I saw people destroy the machines

“Machines” is inspired by Terminator and other post-apocalyptic movies. For me, it’s an epic, cinematic song about the future and artificial intelligence. It also asks the question — will we destroy ourselves by improving our machines? Will we fall to our creations when they finally realize their own power?

Please get me away from here I‘m dying

“Half Sleeping” is reprise of “Late Awakening”, but slowed down one octave.


DIV I DED - Late Awakening

 Photo by Libor Galia

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