Ransom Scenery is definitely different. If you dig experimental, then Ransom Scenery is for you. They released a 9 track album back in February of this year which definitely snuck under the radar. The album includes an eclectic mix of esoteric soundscapes.

Ransom Scenery is a duo comprised of Drew Lowery and Chaepter Negro out of Springfield, IL.

With influences ranging from Deerhunter, Alt-J and Steve Reich the duo provides a truly alternative sound with each mystifying track.

For some, this album will be a bit ‘out there’ but as you keep listening, there are layers to each and every track you need to listen to again in an attempt to deconstruct.  This is actually one album that needs to be listened to, as it’s really challenging to even begin to describe. Some tracks are purely instrumental and a few have lyrics shrouded behind echos and reverb. Some tracks have an industrial NIN like sound and others include piano and stringed instruments.

We are sharing two tracks with vocals and a nice instrumental track as well. If you dig different, avant garde and genre-bending artists, then Ransom Scenery is for you.

You can purchase the album on their bandcamp and keep up with the duo on their prospective social media sites.

Facebook: Ransom Scenery

Twitter: @RScenery

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