CIRQUS is a synth pop duo making some dreamy tunes with only two tracks posted so far on soundcloud. CIRQUS is comprised of singer Danielle Addy and Cameron Stewart-Mathews. The two tracks they currently have on soundcloud are very promising and the two are currently working on new materials as well. The duo is based out of Brighton UK.

Fascination” is an addicting track about an addictive relationship.  Addy proves her vocal talent behind a bed of finely constructed synth and beats. The only other track on their SC account is “Drifting Tide” which was released last year. With Drifting Tide the track starts with an ethnic feel and builds into dreamy electro pop goodness which could almost be a song played during a Cirque Du Soleil performance.

We are keeping our eye on CIRQUS and will be looking forward to future releases.

If you are impressed by CIRQUS, go purchase both of their singles on iTunes. If you dig their sound, make sure and follow them on SC, twitter and like them on Facebook.

Facebook: CIRQUS



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