Today’s Matinee reflects upbeat tracks for your summerly weekend. Today we have two bands from NYC, two from Sweden, one from Canada (Vancouver) and one from Australia (Sydney).

Day Ravies – “Fake Beach”

Day Ravies is a Sydney based band creating some pretty awesome shoegaze on a few  tracks along with some upbeat indie pop on others. “Fake Beach” is one of the singles off of their newly released sophomore album Liminal Zones. The album is released via Sonic Masala/Strange Pursuits and you can stream it in full over at Rolling Stone Australia.

Day Ravies is comprised of Lani Crooks, Caroline de Dear, Matt Neville and Sam Wilkinson. Their sound is an all encompassing blend of 80s, 90s, indie/synth pop along with a tinge of shoegaze and psych. Their new 12 track album is short and sweet coming in a little over 30 minutes with a diversity of tracks a bit similar to the UK’s quick rise of Wolf Alice.

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Death In The Afternoon (DITA) – “’82”

The newest track from Swedish electro-pop duo Death In The Afternoon is airy and dreamy and takes you back to the 80s a bit. The nostalgic feel of this mid-tempo summer track is the perfect one to add to your playlist. The distant sounding vocals on this track is inviting and keeps you tuned in waiting for more. DITA is comprised of Christian Nanzell and Linda Lomelino.

The duo is playing with the evergreen romanticism softly implied by bands like M83 or Young Galaxy. DITA are all about looking skyward and actually providing the sonic jetpacks essential to getting there.

“’82” will be released August 28th via Summer Heart’s label Sommarhjärta.

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Flora Cash – “Save Me”

Save Me” is the newest track from Stockholm duo Flora Cash and they have an awesome video that raises awareness about Alzheimer’s disease. Flora Cash was born in 2012 after Cole Randall and Shpresa Lleshaj met on SoundCloud before they started collaborating together. With one living in Minneapolis (Cole) and the other in Sweden (Shpresa), they met and both moved to Sweden in 2012. In 2013 they relocated to Minneapolis and there they got married. The moved back to Stockholm last June and are currently working on their debut album.

The track is a combination of lovely vocals by Lleshaj backed with a bit of synth and almost a folky vibe woven throughout. The new release will be with ICEA records (Icons Creating Evil Art).

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The Kickdrums – “Better”

The Kickdrums is really Alex Fitts who is producing some catchy tracks heavily laden with synth and beats sprinkled with relatable lyrics. The Kickdrums EP Breathe Again is out today via 24west Records. Instead of sharing the title track which is also addicting and upbeat, we chose “Better” which is also a solid single from the EP. “Better” has a nostalgic 80s synth feel to it but is still fresh for today.

If you dig the upbeat and catchy sounds of The Kickdrums, you can order the album on iTunes today or pick up a limited-edition blue variant 7″ vinyl of the EP’s lead single, “Breath Again”

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The Letter Yellow – “Summer In The City”

The Letter Yellow is a Brooklyn based indie rock band who formed a couple of years ago. They have just released their sophomore album titled Watercolor Overcast and the coolest thing about this album is that it is recorded without a computer. They recorded at a local studio with a Neve console and a 24-track tape machine. “Summer In The City” is a laid back track speaking to that laid back summer vibe, beaches and love.

The new album sounds crisp with their fully analog recordings and has a bit of soul, psych and even some blues sprinkled in. The Letter Yellow is comprised of Randy Bergida, Mike Thies and Abraham Pollack. For “Summer In The City” the lovely female guest vocals are courtesy of Denita Odigie.

You can purchase Watercolor Overcast on vinyl here.

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Woolworm – “Useless”

Woolworm is out of Vancouver creating some pretty cool 90s inspired alt rock. A few tracks could even be likened to early Weezer or Dinosaur Jr. They just came out with a 4 track EP titled Everything Seem Obvious via Hockey Dad Records

Woolworm considers themselves “blanket rock” or another great description on Facebook is “holy terror youth group”. However they like to describe themselves, they are definitely a band to check out if you dig 90s inspired alt rock with nice and hazy vocals courtesy of frontman Giles Roy.

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