We Came As Strangers is set to release their third album Eyedom at the end of August. The band name is very fitting as that is exactly how the quartet came together – as strangers. Justin Sandercoe wanted a band pulled together that could be a true collaboration with all members involved in the production aspect.  He had worked with everyone at some point during his career but the rest of the members had never met each other. They entered the studio after reaching their Kickstarter goal without a single lyric or note written. After the intense collaboration, they left the studio with their third record, Eyedom.

The UK quartet is comprised of Justin Sandercoe, Owen Thomas, Tim Harries and Ellem.  Ellem is a cross between Ellie Goulding and Adele. Her enthralling voice just brings you in wanting to hear more. So far two tracks have been released from Eyedom.  Today we are sharing both – the title track “Eyedom” which is actually a free download and full of wonderfully ambient harmonies. The other track “Still Life” is probably more of a true representation of the band’s full sound. With influences coming from Portishead and Massive Attack, “Still Life” is similar in that vein and hopefully provides us a nice preview into what Eyedom might have in store for us.

While there haven’t been many bands that have emerged as glorious as Portishead or Massive Attack in recent memory, We Came As Strangers is a strong contender. They are creating their own unique mix of addictive basslines, ingenious layering with ethereal vocals and arrangements which is a clear recipe for success. It isn’t very often that a band comes along that can fully encompass you into their music to where you feel completely and emotionally connected to it.  It’s very possible WCAS can achieve just that which is why they are one of our Hidden Gems.

If you dig We Came As Strangers, follow them on all their perspective social media channels and be on the look out for their release of Eyedom on August 31.

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