Here’s your daily dose of new music – aka The Matinee July 30th Edition. It’s a bit of a daily double with the Melodic Tonic because we lost a couple of days this week – once due to recovering from Newport Folk Festival and the other because our server crashed. Whoops.

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Gun Outfit – “Dream All Over”

In all likelihood, you’ve never heard of LA’s Gun Outfit until now. To be honest, neither did I. But after hearing their latest single, “Dream All Over”, it’s probably not the last we’ll be hearing from them. Formed back in the mid- to late 2000s, the band has released three albums, an EP, and a couple of split singles. Their previous efforts ranged everywhere from punk rock to rock. However, on “Dream All Over”, they go in a different direction. The single has a surf-rock coolness, an indie-rock underbelly, and an easygoing, blues-rock pace. The song sends out vibes of laid-back moments with friends. As people continue to search for a summer anthem, “Dream All Over” might be the track that waves goodbye to the hot months but welcomes in the cool nights.

“Dream All Over” is the title track from Gun Outfit’s forthcoming fourth album, which drops October 16th via Paradise of Bachelors. Pre-order at PoB’s store, iTunes, Amazon, and Bandcamp.

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Georgia – “Move Systems (Georgia v. Stella Mozgawa Drum Version)”

An album that in all likelihood will have people talking for months if not years is the eponymous debut album by UK multi-instrumentalist, producer, and songwriter Georgia. The second single release, “Nothing Solutions”, had a primal feel with a video to match (see it below). The latest single is “Move Systems”, which involves Warpaint drummer Stella Mozgawa. The track is pulsating, aggressive, yet engrossing. If Crystal Castles and Björk collaborated on a track, it probably sound like this. Brilliant!

Georgia will be released on August 7th via Domino Record Co. Pre-order it at the label’s store and iTunes.

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Connor Zwetsch – “Wasting Water”

Brandi Carlile and Nikki Lane have been two singer-songwriters are the forefront of the folk and country-folk resurgence. They’re not resorting to mashups that involve hip hop, rap, rock, or electronic. Instead, they draw inspiration of from the greats of the past. Following suit is twenty-something Connor Zwetsch. You might recognize the name, as she was a contestant on American Idol. Although she didn’t win, that might actually have been a blessing in disguise because now she can create folk and country-folk music as she wishes, one that respects the origins of the genres.

She is now preparing for the release of her debut EP, What Comes After. From the album is “Wasting Water”, the opening and lead single from the album. It’s a smooth, rapturous track that bursts with optimism of a new day. It’s got a bit of a The Lumineers quality with its catchy chorus, but Zwetsch’s personality shines through on the track much like the presence that Carlile has. And maybe like Carlile and Lane, Zwetsch will one day be performing at Newport Folk Festival and her name will become a household name. Really, who needs American Idol?

What Comes After was originally released in January of this year, but it’s getting a much deserved second launch. It’ll be released again on August 21st via Nobel Steed Music. It can be purchased on iTunes.

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Bec Sandridge – “In The Fog, In The Flame”

We love surprises, and Bec Sandridge is just that. An accidental find on SoundCloud, the Australian released earlier this month a fantastic pop track, “In The Fog, In The Frame”. With her deep vocals and the euphoric melody, the song echos of Florence + The Machine mixed with Blondie. It’s a splendid song that raises the blood pressure and will have you dancing wherever you may be, and the song will stay stuck in your head for days if not weeks. It’s one of my two favorite pop song discoveries of the summer. The other being Sundara Karma’s “Flame”.

“In the Fog, In The Flame” is the lead single from Bec Sandridge’s forthcoming EP, In The Fog. No specific date for the release of the EP, although it’ll likely be at the end of August since Sandridge along with bandmates Justin Dela Cruz and Sam Brumby will be doing an EP Launch Tour in late August and early September. You can find tour dates here.

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Julien Baker – “Sprained Ankle”

There’s an elegance as well as an innocence in Julien Baker‘s music. The 19-year old singer-songwriter from Memphis, Tennessee has adopted an approach that is subtle and minimalist, but it captivates in the same way as Laura Marling due to her endearing lyrics and voice. This is evidenced on her latest single, “Sprained Ankle”, which is the title track and lead single from her forthcoming debut album. File this song under “slow dance” because it will have you reaching for your loved one. Simply stunning.

Sprained Ankle will be released on October 23rd via 6131 Records.

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SPORTS – “The Washing Machine”

From Gambier, Ohio comes SPORTS, the four- sometimes five-piece band that makes exhilarating indie-rock music. Formed in college, SPORTS have been blowing the minds of their classmates and anyone who frequented the small venues around Kenyon College. Their sound caught the attention of super little indie label Father/Daughter Records, who signed the band. And on October 30th, the company will release SPORTS’ debut album, All of Something, on October 30th. The latest single from the record is the fun and engaging “The Washing Machine”. It’s a cross between the buzzing punk-pop of Swearin’ and the witty lyricism of Courtney Barnett. As you listen to the song, you can’t help but think of all the things you’ve imaged while folding laundry, which frontwoman Carmen Perry shares with us.

In addition to Perry, SPORTS are Benji Dossetter on drums, James Karlin on bass, and Catherine Dwyer and Jack Washburn on guitar. Pre-order All of Something on Father / Daughter Record’s online store or Bandcamp.

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