For a couple of years, Atlanta-based MammaBear have been blasting out infectious ’90s- and early 2000s-era rock. Their initial stuff leaned towards alternative rock, but their latest EP, The Strange Love EP – although it’s more like a split single since it contains two songs – is more along the lines of the garage rock of The Oblivians and Thee Oh Sees. Both “Kick Me” and “Strange Love” are loud and a little scuzzy and filled with catchy hooks. They also have a relentless, driving sound that will have you rocking throughout the night. The EP, in short, is just a riot.

But beneath the blistering music, the songs have deeper meanings – not about parties, late nights, or driving aimlessly down a highway. Instead, frontman Kyle Gordon shares very personal experiences that have contributed to his growth. They are experiences that many of us have experienced, which adds further appeal to MammaBear’s music.

Gordon was kind enough to share the stories behind the making and recording of the EP. Now here’s a young band that isn’t just creating music for the sake of blowing people’s minds and igniting mosh pits, but one wanting to communicate to people that anything can be overcome with a little perseverance.

Along with Gordon, MammaBear are Josh Longino, Kris Sampson, and Mike Walden. Hear the two tracks below and see the video for “Kick Me”, which has an interesting story behind it as well.

The Stories Behind MammaBear’s The Strange Love EP

The Strange Love EP was recorded in March of 2015 by Atlanta’s Kris Sampson at his studio, Bee Sing Manor. Kris learned his craft from some of the best producers in Atlanta and is a wizard in the studio, and I am very lucky to have worked with him.

As far as the two songs go: “Kick Me” is a high-energy song about love lost and personal growth through pain. It isn’t necessarily about any one situation nor is it about a particular person. I wrote the song last summer, and I guess I was feeling a little beat up. My good friend and videographer Nick Rhodes and our manager came up with a treatment for the song. We shot the music video with our friend John Timmers as the “sleazy guy”. Filmed at a county fair, our group got a lot of looks from the fair-goers and the staff, and we were even shut down by the cops before we could get our final shots. But still, I’m really happy with how it worked out, and we owe everyone that pitched in a debt of gratitude for being part of.

“Strange Love” is a more pensive and somewhat spooky song. Yet at the same time, its message is more positive than “Kick Me”. It is hopeful and honest without preconcieved notions of pain and rejection. “Strange Love” is about owning your “strangeness” and finding someone who accepts you for who you are. It is a simple, to the point song. We also have a very cool video coming soon for this song. Stay tuned!

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