The Orange Drop are a neo-psych  band out of Philadelphia, PA. They have just released a new track titled “J’admets” (which means I admit in French). The band is producing some dreamy psychedelia with a definitely sixties vibe going on. The band is comprised of  Marc-Andre Basile (vocals, guitar), Anthony Bove (drums), Matt Calhoun (bass), and Peter Stanko (guitar).

The band will have a new album coming out soon and they have also done a really great Pink Floyd cover of “Julia Dream”. If you dig neo-psych then you really will enjoy The Orange Drop is a band you should get to know. We are sharing their newest track “J’admets” and also another great track “Wizard Sleeve“. If you dig The Orange Drop, follow and like them on all of their social media channels. If you are a band or artist that would like to be considered for Twitter Tuesday, just follow @therevue on twitter.

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