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Now here is The Matinee August 6 edition.

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Haux – “Caves”

Back in early April, we found a track that completely took our breath away. “Homegrown” by Haux was, as we called it at the time, one of the best songs we had heard at that point of the year. Tens of thousands of people have since discovered that song through multiple channels, making it one of the surprise hits of the year. We knew very little of Haux, but Woodson Black has slowly started to reveal himself. On his Facebook page, there’s an image of him, and EP might be in the works. One indication of the latter is the release of his second single, “Caves”. Like “Homegrown”, “Caves” is another sublime and gorgeous track. Whereas the first single reminded us of M. Ward, on this track Woodson channels Justin Vernon and Bon Iver – a delicate but haunting track that is simply mesmerizing. Woodson is supported by singer Othell – whose name is Raiche Wright and, like Woodson, a relative unknown but likely not for long.

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Amanda Merdzan – “Matter”

From the beautiful shores of Perth, Australia comes Amanda Merdzan. The young singer-songwriter has quietly established a name for herself in the folk realm after she dazzled people with her debut EP, The Map Has Been Redrawn (listen to it here). She toured abroad in support of the EP, but the experience exposed her to new sights and sounds. As such, instead of continuing down the path that could have made her the next Jewel or even Patsy Cline, Merdzan has changed complete course with her new single. On “Matter”, Merdzan has crafted a electro-pop song that is stunning and gorgeous. The song retains the intimacy of her folk leanings, but the addition of keys and ambient textures gives her music a lush and ethereal feel, much along the lines of Banks’ early works and some of today’s rising pop stars, such as Chelsea Lankes and Phoebe Ryan. It’s exciting to watch a young artist challenge herself, which should only bold well for her future productions.

“Matter” is the first single from Merdzan’s yet-to-be-named EP, which is due out later this year.

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Steven A. Clark – “Can’t Have”

About six weeks ago, Steven A. Clark popped on our radar screen. The young singer-songwriter from Fayetteville, North Carolina released a remarkable track, “Not You”, that reminded us of SEAL and Twin Shadow. It was a stylish and intimate R&B track. Just when you think he couldn’t top that track, he returns with “Can’t Have”, which is simply mind-blowing good. It starts off with a brief moment of strings before moving into a gorgeous mix of pop textures, R&B ambiance, synthesizers, and a terrific beat. It is a sound that Twin Shadow once performed to perfection, but now Steven A. Clark has mastered it. Clark is a star in the making.

“Can’t Have” is the latest single from Clark’s forthcoming, debut album, Lonely Roller. The record will be released on September 18th via Secretly Canadian. I personally cannot wait to hear it.

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Paint the Muse – “Free People”

From Los Angeles comes a new electro-pop duo, Paint the Muse and “Free People” is their first single. With an anthemic feel, “Free People” is an ideal summer tune. The track could also be the anthem for a generation of young adults seeking to be just themselves and choose not be conform to conventional norms, which is something you could say with this song. While the song has a late ’90s / early 2000s pop feel, the incorporation of keys adds a funky vibe to the song.

The lyric video for the track is available on YouTube. Paint the Muse are Elizabeth Russo & Ash Wintergrass, and they are currently based in Los Angeles. The single was recorded and released by Harbour Records.

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Pretty City – “Melt”

We’ve often discussed the psychedelic revival being led by numerous Aussie bands with most delveing into the psychedelic rock and pop world. Melbourne trio, Pretty City, is another band helping to raise the profile of this great genre. Their brand of neo-psychedelic pop, however, is a little different, as they incorporate disco components along with plenty of shoegaze and fuzz. Their latest single, “Melt”, evidences the merger of these sounds into one delirious track, resonating with the mind-altering, dance-inducing sounds of The Music. Take one listen to “Melt” (or any of their other tracks) and you’ll immediately become a fan of this young band. Seriously.

Pretty City are Hugh Matthews, John-Luis Moretti, and Drew Schapper.

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Rotten Mind – “I Don’t Want To Be The One”

Sweden has been primarily associated with some of the biggest indie- and dream-folk acts in the world (The Tallest Man on Earth, First Aid Kit) and dream- and indie-pop (Robyn, Lykke Li, Tove Lo) not to mention disco (ABBA). But not every band from the Scandinavian country is making this music, case in point Rotten Mind. Taken from the name of a Jay Reatard song, the four-piece from Uppsala, Sweden create song blistering post-punk rock, but like so many Swedish bands it is accessible and catchy. Their first single, “I Don’t Want To Be The One”, has the buzzsaw appeal of Cloud Nothings and METZ and just an awesome rocker. To check these guys in action, watch the video for the song. It’s pretty entertaining.

“I Don’t Want To Be The One” is the lead single from their forthcoming new album, I’m Alone Even With You. It will be released by Swedish indie label Lövely Records on September 25th.


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