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Ottawa Bluesfest in Revue – Day 11


So here it is folks, Day 11, the final day of Ottawa Bluesfest in Revue.

I only caught the last three songs from the Temperance Movement but I can tell I missed something special. Anyone who did catch their entire act was talking about it for days.

One of the most anticipated acts of Bluesfest, and the first to be announced was “Weird Al” Yankovic. Weird Al has become a pop icon by spoofing other pop icons. Would anybody ever have predicted that 30+ years later Weird Al would still be doing this and still be popular at it? Not only has he spent 30 years in music, but he’s spent time in movies and television and has generally just been a presence in our lives for 30+ years. Even though I’ve been aware of Weird Al since he first released the genius song/video parody Eat It, I had never seen him live. Honestly I had no idea what to expect. Weird Al’s performance was nothing short of spectacular. He changed costumes for every song, which is even more than the pop divas of our times. Since some of the costumes took a few minutes to get changed into the audience was shown video clips from Weird Al in pop culture. Some were clips for his movie UHF, others from TV and movie appearances. It made for a very entertaining show and reiterated that Weird Al is so much more than just a guy who sings silly songs. He is an all around entertainer.

Next up was the rock and roll legend Randy Bachman. I do not use the word lightly. Most people would be lucky to be in one great Rock’N’Roll Band, but Randy Bachman was in two with Bachman Turner Overdrive and the Guess Who. As if that wasn’t enough, he’s done great solo work and other projects as well.

MonkeyJunk is a great local act. Somehow because I know they are local and that I will have other opportunities to see them they often fall to the wayside as I see other non-local acts at festivals. Over the years I have not seen them nearly as much as I should have. I also think their latest album is fantastic and I decided to give them their due this time. Their performance was outstanding and they did not disappoint. I really need to go out to see them more often.

I ended Bluesfest with one of my favourite Canadian rock bands from the 90s. It seems so funny that a few years ago I was seeing Jeff Martin performing solo and it did not seem that there would be a Tea Party reunion anytime soon, and now this is the 2nd time I’ve seen them at Bluesfest since the reunion. They once again put on a great rock performance and for me it ended the 2015 Bluesfest on a high note.

Thanks for another great year Bluesfest. Looking forward to it again next year!

Temperance Movement


The Bros. Landreth


“Weird Al” Yankovic


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The Tea Party



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