It’s time for the final Matinee of the week. In case you missed, below are the previous days’ lists:

And here’s The Matinee August 7 Edition.

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Jill Andrews – “Get Up, Get On”

Warm and endearing. That’s the best way to describe Nashville-based Jill Andrews‘ voice and style. While she has recently released an electro-pop single, “Shimmer Like Gold” and her early music was folk and alt-country oriented (like Kathleen Edwards),  Andrews’ latest endeavor has her blending melodic pop melodies with folk sensibilities. It is a style that is growing in prominence in the United States’ Midwest (see Annalibera and Liza Anne as examples), although Andrews’ adaptation leans more towards the pop arena, resulting in music that is more uplifting and infectious. Her latest single, “Get Up, Go On”, is the perfect illustration, showing how Andrews has found that perfect balance between the two.

“Get Up, Go On” is the lead single from her forthcoming, new album, The War Inside. She’ll be self-releasing it on her own label Vulture, Vulture. The record drops September 25.

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The Heart Strings – “Beautiful Abyss”

Out officially today is the new single from London-based The Heart Strings. The project of Todd Roache with the support of a few friends, The Heart Strings have released a couple of albums over the past five years and received some buzz from Rough Trade. After a couple of years off, the band returns with a brand new single, “Beautiful Abyss”. This psychedelic, surf-pop song has the same sunny vibe as Temples’ breakthrough album mixed in with a heavy dose of the sublime sounds of Beach Fossils. It’s a single that has the feel of lazy, hazy, summer day in August, where all you want to do is sit back, relax, and let time pass by.

The single will be released on Grandpa Stan Records. A new record might be on the way.

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Wardance – “Free Radicals”

Scuzzy, psychedelic rock isn’t confined to the shores of California or the varied landscapes of Australia. Across the pond, Wardance, a new trio from London, is on a mission to show that even the English can rock out with the best of them. Their debut single, “Free Radicals”, is very Ty Segall-esque – a short, full-of-fuzz, infectious rocker.

The song is from their forthcoming, still-to-be-named, debut EP, which will arrive digitally and physically later this year. Those living in the London and Brixton areas can catch the band live over the next few weeks. Show dates are below.

08/08 – The Windmill, Brixton
22/08 – Good Mixer, Camden
27/09 – Hawley Arms, Camden
30/09 – The Good Ship, Kilburn

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Lael Neale – “Born in the Summer”

In July, Virginia-born Lael Neale self-released her debut LP, I’ll Be Your Man. From that album is “Born In The Summer”, a splendid indie folk-rock tune that has splashes of Sharon Van Etten and Tift Merritt, but her voice and style is reminiscent of another great but under-the-radar singer-songwriter Marta Pacek. And like these three fine artists, Neale takes the listener inside the mind of an individual looking for answers about life and one’s own purpose. It’s a clever piece of songwriting, which reflects Neale’s background as an English major and a poet. It’s not surprising then to hear a lot of allegory used and that the simple lyric “someday soon” has a meaning more than just about time.

The entire album can be streamed on SoundCloud and purchased on Bandcamp and iTunes.

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Bitter’s Kiss – “The Rope”

We’ve written about young singer-songwriter Chloe Baker, who is better known as Bitter’s Kiss, on two occasions. The first was back in April when Wendy profiled her as a hidden gem, and then again when she released a new single, “No One Will”. In these few months, Baker’s star has skyrocketed. Despite her youth (she’s still in her mid-teens), her music and lyrics would be linked to someone well into their twenties if not older. Her latest single, “The Rope”, sees the New Jersey native further expand her songwriting prowess. The song has a strong spiritual foundation as it reflects on an individual’s varied experiences and efforts to seek redemption. This stunning track is on her debut album, which can be purchased on iTunes and Amazon.

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GAPS – “All Me, All You”

There is so much great music to be discovered. Many of them I find myself saying, “That’s so good”, such as the previous five songs on this list. Honestly, I don’t utter those remarks that often. Then there are moments where I am simply speechless, where I stop what I’m doing and just be lost in a song. Such is the case when stumbling upon GAPS and their single, “All Me, All You”. The Brighton, UK-based duo (Rachel & Ed) have historically dabbled in percussion and electronica but have expanded their musical palettes to incorporate acoustic guitars and other instruments. The result is a dazzling, spatial sound that is hypnotic, on the one hand, yet intimate and serene, on the other. Such as is the case with “All Me, All You”, a startling and beautiful single.

The song is from their debut album, In, Around the Moments, which was released at the end of June and can be purchased on iTunes, Amazon, and eMusic. This album – this band – deserves more people’s attention, including mine. Their overall sound reminds of the ethereal and dynamic sound of New Zealand’s Black City Lights, who recently went their separate ways. I think I’ve found the perfect substitute.

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