On Another One, Mac DeMarco’s fourth release since 2012, the Canadian songwriter continues the narrative he began on last year’s Salad Days. DeMarco’s last album saw him touching on more romantic subject matter than previous albums, and Another One is burdened heavily by deep heartbreak.

The album begins with the spacey summer stroll of “The Way You’d Love Her”, a first glimpse into the heartfelt subject matter DeMarco devotes to the entire album. From the first sound of jangling guitars and hazy production, the listener is immediately sucked in to the classic Mac DeMarco sound they’ve learned to expect.

Another One” is an ode to lovers’ paranoia and is weighed down heavily by DeMarco’s insecurities. Here Mac DeMarco suffers through the confusing thoughts of his lover potentially being with someone new. Although the album is short, our slacker hero throws the listener several surprises, including a rare falsetto on “Just To Put Me Down”, and the incredibly poppy “I’ve Been Waiting For Her”.

Mac DeMarco has an incredible talent for making melancholy songs sound cheery, such as on “A Heart Like Hers”. Through airy vocals, the distressing single sees DeMarco lamenting that he will never find a love as great as the one who left him, with lyrics such as “Done is all the love I’ve saved for you/ Gone away my heart locked inside a cage for you”.

Like all of Mac DeMarco’s albums, the songs start to blend into each other after a while and are hard to set apart. The DeMarco slacker formula has worked extremely well for him so far, and there are no signs that he plans on departing from it anytime soon. Another One closes with DeMarco giving his home address in Queens, New York and inviting the listener over for a cup of coffee. With so much heartbreak weighing Another One down, I recommend you bring Mac something a little stronger.

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