Let’s get Tuesday started on the right foot with some awesome new music spinning on The Matinee August 11 edition. There are three singles from the UK and one each from Denmark, Canada, and the US.

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Silver Shields – “I Wonder If You’re Thinking of Me Now”

Kicking things off on The Matinee is Hertfordshire, UK band Silver Shields. Two years ago, the psychedelic, noise-pop band released their debut EP, which flew under the radar. They’ve returned and done a bit of re-boot so to speak, taking on more of a shoegaze sound and picking up the tempo a couple of notches. Their latest single, “I Wonder If You’re Thinking of Me Now”, is vibrant, infectious, and full of crystalline guitars. It’s a full throttle assault that blends Innerspeak-era Tame Impala and indie-pop giants The Pains of Being Pure at Heart. If this is their new sound, there will be plenty of people who will be calling Silver Shields their new favorite band.

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Mendoza – “Love Druggie (Addict)”

The first notes of Mendoza‘s new single, “Love Druggie (Addict)” tickles of Robyn. It’s not your typical pop song that just explodes needlessly, but instead captures your attention due to the perfect pace that slowly builds excitement and energy. While the comparisons to the Swedish star are quite apparent, the incorporation of R&B textures and electro-pop are reminiscent of Misun, one of indie music’s rising stars and a personal favorite of ours at The Revue.

But besides the impressive sound and show of restraint, if you listen carefully to Mendoza’s words, there is a very personal story being told. As she grew up in the Istedgarde area of Copenhagen – which is notorious for its nightclubs and streets full of drug addicts, prostitutes, and all sorts of characters – the song reveals the same desires her friends wanted to do when they went out. For Mendoza, though, she wanted to escape that entrapment and hang out with her friends, and the song depicts her disappointment. But instead of falling into a web of addiction, she took the music of the clubs and created her own sound. It’s a fascinating story from a gifted, young musician. “Love Druggie (Addict)” is out via Atlantic Records.

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Zurich – “Alone”

The latest addition to the UK music scene is Zurich, a young trio based out of Oxford. Comprised of Adrian Banks (bass, vocals), Chris Gillett (guitar, vocals) and Leigh Taylor (drums, samples), Zurich have adopted a dark, electro-pop-rock sound that is influenced by the ’80s but with contemporary touches. Their music might have you recalling Editors, Interpol, Arctic Monkeys, and Echo and The Bunnymen. Their debut single, “Alone”, is a fantastic display of their dark but scintillating rock. This band will be filling venues – and not just small joints – across the UK in the very near future.

“Alone” is the lead single from their debut EP, Small Wars, which will be released later this year via Kestrel Records.

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Fjord – “Shapes”

The fine province of Quebec has brought us a number of smooth, electronic and electro-pop acts. Rhye (well one-half of the celebrated duo), SEOUL, and Milk & Bone to name a few. In that same vein comes Fjord, whose glacial, electro-pop is absolutely stunning. Their latest single, “Shapes”, is lush and breathtaking. It’s the type of song that leaves chills down your spine and goosebumps on your skin. Hard to believe this duo is unsigned.

Fjord are Thomas Casault and Louis-Étienne Santais.

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Night Flowers – “Sleep”

There have been countless number of bands following in the footsteps of the sublime shoegaze, psychedelic pop of The Jesus and Mary Chain and some have done with awesome results. Another band attempting to build on the UK legends is Night Flowers. Comprised of Zeb Budworth, Chris Hardy, Sam Lenthall, Sophia Pettit, and Greg Ullyart, the London quintet’s approach mirrors the East Kilbride foursome’s sonic wonders. Warm, lush, and with the sound of spiraling guitars, Night Flowers have crafted a superb sound. Their most recent single, “Sleep”, sees the band refine their sound, heading more into a dream-pop direction. Another contemporary comparison would be FURS. The track is fantastic. If only the ’80s and ’90s sounded this good.

The single is available on a limited 7″ vinyl via Dirty Bingo Records. Get it here.

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Air Waves – “Horse Race”

Back in 2010, Nicole Schneit released Dungeon Dots, which got the indie music community talking and excited about her prospects. Her poignant and clever songwriting – reminiscent of the creative process of Laura Veirs – had many looking forward to another album. Schneit, however, did the unthinkable – she took a break to refocus and find new inspirations. After a five year hiatus, the Brooklyn-based artist is back with her project Air Waves.

With a new album set to be released next month, Schneit has shared the first single, “Horse Race”. This swaying, little indie-pop tune retains Schneit’s ability to translate her observations of events around her into a single, coherent story. In this case, it’s how people are moving at break-neck speeds to get things done instead of taking the time to appreciate their surroundings.

Air Waves’ forthcoming album, Parting Glances, arrives in stores on September 18th via Western Vinyl. Pre-order it at the label’s store or iTunes.

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