Today our Twitter Tuesday artist is Brian Deady.

Deady is an Irish singer/songwriter who has a soulful voice and is someone you should get to know. We are sharing the brand new single “A Darkness” along with the video. There will be more upcoming material from Deady with the release of Non-Fiction coming out in October. You should definitely check out his previous releases Interview and Over Like McGyver which you can stream on Spotify.

Deady is part of a musical family of ten kids from the bohemian badlands of West Cork. His family struggles growing up caused him to turn to music and he is now a distinctive songwriter and producer. “A Darkness” is a nice soulful piano ballad singing about a cruel relationship.

You can purchase his new single and previous releases on i-Tunes. If you dig great songwriting and a soulful voice with r&b influences, Brian Deady is for you.  He also has some pretty cool Doo-Wop cover versions of other people’s songs that are worth checking out on his soundcloud.

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