Our Matinee August 12 edition includes six new songs for your listening pleasure so you can get through your work week. We hope you enjoy. We have two artists from the UK and the rest are from the US.

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 BOYTOY – “Postal”

Brooklyn based BOYTOY was originally formed in 2013 by Saara Untracht-Oakner and Glenn Van Dyke by both handling guitar/vocals. The two knew each other through touring with former bands and shared a mutual love of surfing and skating. They are now joined on drums by Matthew Gregory Aidala. After releasing their self-titled EP they have now released “Postal” which is a new single off of their upcoming full-length debut album titled Grackle. Their album will be out October 2 on PaperCup Music. They also have an upcoming tour supporting La Luz.

“Postal” is a gem of a track that combines punk-surf-garage rock into a nice, neat package.  Saara’s vocals impress as they shine through the grunge inspired single.

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Cathedral Pearls – “Etchings”

Spokane’s Catherdal Pearls have just released their brand new track “Etchings” which is from their forthcoming effort of the same name. Their album will be released August 21. Cathedral Pearls began as an experiment in 2011 that merged existing projects between two talented songwriters. Catherdral Pearls is comprised of two couples, Karli and Caleb Ingersoll and Max and Carrie Harnishfeger.

Catherdal Pearls has a few EP’s under their belt and they are excited to release their most highly anticipated project to date. The lead single is a tapestry of rock and pop with dreamy vibes woven around the complimentary male/female vocals.  “Etchings” is a great start and obvious progression for the band and we look forward to hearing their proper full-length album of the same name that will be released later this month.

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Emmi – “Sleep On It”

London based by way of Australia, Emmi is a talented artist who has come onto the scene with two addicting pop tracks so far. With a strong and memorable voice, we believe Emmi has the start of a successful career ahead of her. Emmi grew up on classical music, the jazz greats and Shirley Temple movies. She has lived and worked as a dancer, actress, songwriter, but her underlying passion has always been to tell a good story. We are letting the story begin for Emmi with her emerging career as an indie pop artist.

“Sleep On It” has that addicting and driving beat along with impressive vocals speaking to that rocky relationship where you just don’t want to fight anymore. While her first track “My Kinda Swag” had a little more of an urban/hip hop vibe, “Sleep On It” is a pure form electro-pop gem which again showcases her sultry vocals. Stay tuned for more from this emerging artist.

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Miya Folick – “Oceans”

We are fans of Los Angeles based Folick, having shared some of her previously mesmerizing tracks back in the spring. She is back with another solid track titled “Oceans”. With “Oceans” her distinct and beautiful voice is at the forefront behind an acoustic guitar which later builds into a full blown grunge-folk based track. This singer-songwriter is one to keep an eye on, as her voice and stellar storytelling are what makes you keep going back for more.

We look forward to each new release from this upcoming singer-songwriter. She is likened to some of our favorite female singer-songwriters today including TORRES and Angel Olsen.

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PILLARS – “You Got This”

London based newcomer PILLARS has a new brooding number with “You Got This”. We previously shared “Woman Without Her Love” back in the spring.  This new track just adds to her growing collection of ambient electronica. We still don’t know a lot about the mysterious singer/songwriter but this track did have some help from producer Brett Shaw (Florence + The Machine, Say Lou Lou, Daughter and Kyla La Grange) and electronic two-piece Deafkid.

We are intrigued to hear more from this emerging artist. While “You Got This” has a bit of a darker vibe going on compared to her previous tracks, we are interested in hearing more and witnessing the evolution of PILLARS.

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 SWIMM – “Belly”

We previously shared a track by Swimm last month titled “All The Time”. They are back with a new track titled “Belly” which is off their upcoming Beverly Hells EP which will be out August 28th on 24west Records. With each newly released single it proves that SWIMM can produce some very diverse yet cohesive tracks that showcase the wide range of talent between duo Chris Hess and Adam Winn. We are looking forward to hearing what else the psych-pop duo releases. They also have an upcoming tour this fall to support the release of the EP.

“Belly” has an almost 90s indie rock vibe going on reminiscent of Dinosaur Jr. We look forward to hearing more from SWIMM.

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