It’s Thursday. You might be a little sluggish this morning as the week drags on and the weekend cannot arrive soon enough. We have your solution – The Matinee August 13. It’s your daily dose of new music that hopefully will give you a bit of a jolt, although there are some more solemn tunes today.

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Yung – “Blue Uniforms”

From Aarhus, Denmark, which is the second-largest metropolis from the country that brought us Lego, comes Yung (no relation to yours truly). They recently signed with Fat Possum Records, and they will release their new EP, Those Those Are Like Mandatory Chores, in September. The lead single is “Blue Uniforms”, a post-punk-rock track that is one part SUUNS and one part DIIV. The largely instrumental track is flush with dreamy, fuzzy guitars that build into a cathartic zenith before descending into a wave of static. Pretty awesome.

Yung are Mikkel Holm Silkjær (vocals, guitar), Frederik Nybo Veilie (drums), Tobias Guldborg Tarp (bass), and Emil Zethsen (guitar). 

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Mieke – “Sleeping Alone”

At a young age, Elissa Mielke was destined for stardom. With her fine lines and unblemished complexion, she graced the pages and covers of magazines and participated in dozens of fashion shows. Modeling, however, wasn’t her first love; music was. Her profession opened doors to have her voice heard, where she signed with a major label and her debut EP was expected to be released in April 2014.

However, as Mielke would learn and share with those willing to listen, she was shut out of the creative process and the record label wanted to mold her into something she was not. As she told Aesthetic Magazine Toronto in an interview in April, the label tried to make her sound like Ellie Goulding, which was a far cry from the piano-driven ballads she wrote. As a result, she broke free from her contract and went independent, taking the moniker Mieke. In two weeks time, she will finally release her long-awaited, eponymous debut EP. The lead single is the stunningly glacial, alt-pop “Sleeping Alone”. It is an intimate and heartbreaking song, delicate to listen to but breathtaking. And while the song might be of a past relationship, it could very well be a send off to the label.

Elissa Mielke is from a small town in Ontario – or as she says, she was “born in a forest”. Mielke currently calls Toronto home. Mieke drops on August 28.

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Cashew & Cleary – “Caught In The Spotlight”

Officially out tomorrow is Cashew & Cleary‘s Fathers Vol. 2: Like a Rich Man. It’s the second in a three-part series of EP that explores life in southern California and surrounds. The LA-based duo has a 70s-era, southern-rock, psychedelic-rock sound that is reminiscent of contemporaries White Denim and Bop English. Their songwriting is imaginative and like a short film, as they touch on a number of subjects such as road trips, Hollywood, and Tijuana. From the forthcoming EP is “Caught In The Spotlight”, a delirious, fantastic tune about a father going to the farthest limits to make ends meet but only to succumb to the consequences. Here’s a band whose sound, storytelling, and whimsical nature we can get behind (their appearance is right out of a ’70s movie).

Fathers Vol. 2: Like a Rich Man will be physically released on a limited edition cassette via Wiener Records, a subsidiary of Burger Records. Hear the entire EP on SoundCloud.

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The High Learys – “Letters to Alice”

Another week and another awesome new psychedelic single from an Aussie band that we have yet to discover – until now of course. From Perth, Western Australia, The High Learys are creating infectious psychedelic, garage-pop that is more like Temples and The Ghost of Saber Tooth Tiger than the zany and wild imaginations of Tame Impala and Fuzz. The addition of the organ on the track adds a ’60s vibe to this amusing and catchy song about youthful love.

“Letters to Alice” physically drops on September 4th via Pavement Records. The High Learys are cousins Jamie Turner and Matt Williams, Michael Nutt, and Mitchell J Benson.

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Mvrie Celeste ft. Guiville – “Summer”

Three weeks ago, we featured the new song by two of our favorite artists – UK indie-rocker Mvrie Celeste and Paris-based producer Guiville on The Matinee. They’ve returned with another collaboration, “Summer”. It’s not necessarily your typical anthem for this time of year; rather it is a dark, folk-rock track that reeks of Shirley Manson and Garage. This song isn’t made for bright sunny days and happy moments on the beach. It’s a song made for our innermost desires and the conniving introvert in all of us.

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Actor – “Baby Cries”

We’ve had Louisa Osborn on our radar screens for a little while, but for whatever reasons never got around to write about her until now. Under the alias Actor, Osborn’s approach of dark, alternative-pop merges the lines of Lordes, Daughter, and Lana Del Rey. On her latest single, “Baby Cries”, the Leeds resident offers a gorgeous, deep, and hypnotic track with an edge, and one that leans towards electro-rock and brooding indie-rock. With each song that she has written, the more enchanted I’ve become with her music. There’s something primal yet vulnerable in her music that has me coming back wanting more — and by more, hopefully that means an album around the corner.

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