The Matinee August 14 edition includes 6 diverse tracks to finish out the week. Happy Friday! We have 4 artists from the US today, one from Sweden and one from Italy.

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Danny Darko – “Los Angeles” Ft. Hannah Young

Danny Darko is an Italian artist, producer, DJ and musician who is currently crafting some pretty awesome indie dance/electronica. The new single “Los Angeles” includes stellar vocals from young Dutch artist Hannah Young who also laid down the piano for this track as well.

The new single is available on i-Tunes. If you dig super chilled out electronic beats with a multitude of awesome guest vocals, you should keep an eye on Danny Darko. His previous effort, Hurricane is another addicting electro-dance track worth checking out.

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KAPTAN – “Everything”

A couple of months ago we shared the track “Anywhere We Go” by KAPTAN and Mr. Andrew de Torres is back with his newest track “Everything”.  With hopeful lyrics about keeping your head up and that “everything is gonna be alright”, the chorus and lyrics are undeniably addictingly happy. The Nashville based artist even shared a bit behind the new track.

“I wrote the song “Everything” for two people that I love dearly who at the time were struggling with different obstacles in their lives. I feel like when you’re suffering whether its from mental or physical illnesses or even everyday struggles that it’s very easy to lose sight of the things that matter most. One of the two people who inspired me to write the song is sadly no longer with us so I added the orange daisy to the artwork because it was she who loved them most.” – KAPTAN

Look for his upcoming EP Sprinter  which will be released by South X Sea. You can purchase his singles on i-Tunes.

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Moonbabies – “The Ocean Kill Retake”

Sweden based husband and wife duo Moonbabies are back with a brand new track. We previously shared our review of Wizards on the Beach back in April. The new single “The Ocean Kill Retake” was actually a single they were working on for the aforementioned album release that didn’t quite make the cut. The ‘Retake’ references that they found the original version of The Ocean Kill and finally finished the track and it turned out better than they ever expected.

“The Ocean Kill Retake” is a shimmery and upbeat electro-dance track dripping with a bit of 80s synth and some driving bass that definitely captures your attention. The single premiered on Ello, you know the ad free social network that is competing with the behemoth that is Facebook. The duo are very active on Ello and have gained a nice audience there. We are happy to have a nice little summer surprise from Moonbabies and it fits perfectly for this week’s playlist.

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Son Little – “Lay Down”

Son Little is Aaron Earl Livingston from Philadelphia, PA and he describes himself as future soul, which is a pretty accurate description. On The single “Lay Down” from his upcoming  self-titled release, we may have the next Leon Bridges on our hands. He is speaking from the heart with meaningful lyrics with that distinctive and mellifluous voice, it’s hard not to take notice of Son Little at first listen.

The track is dripping with soul and takes us back to a 50s era R&B vibe about the timeless story of physical affection. With his release of “Lay Down”, we are definitely listening and will be looking forward to his upcoming release. A few descriptions of the new album from his website mention it being brave, that his audience is “the people who move amongst different crowds easily, who are open to new things and not waiting for other people to tell them what to like, who are very certain and know what they want to hear.” (Sounds like our audience and everyone here at The Revue;)

You can pre-order his upcoming album Son Little on i-Tunes and get a download of “Lay Down”. The album will be released by Anti Records on October 16.

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Skittish – “Shot in the Dark”

It’s not easy to accurately describe the band Skittish. After hearing their track “Shot in the Dark”, intrigue immediately set in and a quick marathon of their discography had to be taken in. They describe themselves as indie-folk rock but the track “Shot in the Dark” is much more than that. With musical gems from past tracks like “Be My Dana Scully” and “The World Needs Bartenders”, this band needs to be shared with others.

“Shot In The Dark” has more of a rock vibe going on and with the band being able to utilize both male and female vocals, they have a comfortable familiarity about their sound. Skittish is one of those bands you follow and wonder why on earth they aren’t more well known.

The St. Paul, MN foursome is comprised of Jeff Noller, Brianna Tagg, Jeremy Krueth and Lazarus Ulysses Clearwater. “Shot in the Dark” is off of their upcoming release Two Legs Bad which was pulled from a line in George Orwell’s Animal Farm. The album will be released September 15th on Spectra Records.
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Tijuana Panthers – “Set Forth”

Tijuana Panthers are back with a new single titled “Set Forth”. The go-to lo-fi surf-garage rockers from Long Beach will soon release their upcoming album titled Poster on August 28th via Innovative Leisure.

The trio is comprised of Chad Wachtel, Daniel Michicoff and Phil Shaheen. The band has had three solid album releases since their debut back in 2010 and with their newest track “Set Forth” indicates Poster will be another album to add to the list.  “Set Forth” is filled with the perfect amount of jangly guitar, killer bass licks and just the right amount of percussion to embody an almost perfect lo-fi masterpiece.

Keep your eyes out for Poster and you can pick up all of their previous releases on i-Tunes and even pre-order Poster. “Creature” and “Boardwalk” are two of their best tracks if you aren’t familiar with the greatness that is TP.

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