Happy Monday, and welcome to another week of new music discoveries! We kick it off as always with the Melodic Tonic, vol 12. And by discoveries, we mean that feeling of “How have I missed this band?” you get after discovering a group that has somehow eluded your radar.

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Eleventh Dream Day – “Taking Too Long”

Quick: name an indie alternative band from Chicago who have been together more than 20 years and just released their 13th album. If you guessed Wilco, you’d be wrong, although this group does have a connection to Jeff Tweedy. The correct answer is Eleventh Dream Day, and they’ve been making music since 1983. Works for Tomorrow is their latest album (released July 24 on Thrill Jockey Records), and it was recorded and produced at Wilco’s studio, The Loft. It also features Jim Elkington, a touring member of Tweedy’s eponymous side project.

This song, “Taking Too Long,” is a bonus track not featured on the album. Its title sums up the band’s long journey to achieving household name status. It has indeed been taking too long for Rick Rizzo and his bandmates to earn the recognition they deserve. If you’ve never heard Eleventh Dream Day and you like guitar-driven rock in the vein of Wilco and The Pixies, check them out. It’s never too late to discover a great band who have waited patiently to make your acquaintance. Fans in the U.S. can catch them live at shows this week in Cleveland, Philadelphia, and New York City.

Official links: Website | Facebook | YouTube | Instagram


Caspian – “Darkfield”

Boston-based post-rock outfit Caspian are back with another emotionally charged release next month. With their trademark crescendos built from layers of thundering guitars, synths and percussion, Caspian are known for creating a wall of unrelenting sound. The group’s fourth album, Dust and Disquiet, releases September 25 on Triple Crown Records (US), Big Scary Monsters (EU), and Hobbledehoy Records (AUS). The band will embark on a full tour of North America in October and extensive dates across Europe in November. Bring your earplugs.

Official links: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | YouTube | Instagram


The New Division – “Introspective”

Another group with plenty of synth and layered hooks is The New Division, an electronic/new wave group from Los Angeles who have been around nearly a decade now. Led by John Glenn Kunkel, The New Division channels the sounds of ’80s New Wave with modern electronic beats. Their third full-length album, Gemini, released in June on their Division87 Records. It’s available on iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, and the band’s online store.

Official links: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | YouTube


Bob Moses – “Too Much Is Never Enough”

Bob Moses isn’t a guy. Well, there was a Robert Moses, a New York City planner (responsible for Shea Stadium), for whom they named themselves. The group Bob Moses is an electronic duo of Canadian former classmates who found themselves living in Brooklyn across the street from each other. Tom Howie and Jimmy Vallance attended school together in Vancouver but lost touch after Howie went off to college in Boston. By sheer luck, they ran into each other three years ago and started making music. The result is their debut album, Days Gone By, due out September 18 on Domino Records. They are currently touring Europe in August before returning for a full North American tour in October.

Official links: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | YouTube | Instagram


Kutiman – “Inner Galactic Lovers”

Kutiman is the moniker of Ophir Kutiel, an Israeli musician, composer, and producer. He’s been producing some of the funkiest, freshest beats on the planet – blending Afrobeats, jazz, funk, reggae, and soul – for the last decade. His name is a tip of the hat to Fela Kuti, and his music has a cosmic, psychedelic vibe that sounds otherworldly. His renown in Israel led to him winning a video contest by YouTube and Intel where he performed interactive music at the Guggenheim Museum in New York City with a symphony from the famed Juilliard School.

This single, “Inner Galactic Lovers,” is another collaboration; this one a virtual collective featuring 24 producers and artists from Fiverr.  The musicians, who hail from 12 different countries, recorded their individual parts under Kutiman’s supervision. His upcoming album, 6AM, will be released in October on his Siyal Music label.

Official links: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | YouTube | Instagram

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