director: Brent Hodge

Mayfair Theatre, 1074 Banks Street

starts August 21st

Turns out belly-bursting, motivational speaker Matt Foley lives, and is a mild-mannered, rather svelte, pastor. Huh. Just one of a few insights brought to light in this Chris Farley doc.

Family members and fellow comedians shed some glowing light on what a giddy Dave Letterman called the human thunderball. From Second City, to Saturday Night Live, to silly Hollywood escapades, Chris Farley was a larger than life comedic monsoon who swept away every stage he chanced upon. Balancing between out and out gushing and sympathetic nods to an out of control abuse problem, the movie keeps coming back to his greatest gift: the ability to make everyone happy, pretty well all the time.

Clips of his endearing skits are peppered throughout, but it is the kooky, real-life anecdotes – squeezing a petrified Michael Myers in the shower – which show Farley was not an act. He was what he gave: a crazed, generous, hilarious, ticking time bomb of confetti.

Dan Aykroyd’s brief comparison to John Belushi is an obvious one; heck we even have a younger brother on board who looks like he’s getting ready to ride some coat-tails [much like Jim Belushi]. It’s an odd distraction, as we see Kevin Farley doing some fairly pedantic stand-up. That’s what happens when you are co-producer. Never mind those bits, the doc is well worth it as a celebration of one of SNL’s brightest shooting stars.




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