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Osheaga in Revue – Day 1 Part 2


The second half of day 1 kicked off for me with twenty one pilots. I admit I was not familiar with the band until seeing Osheaga‘s schedule earlier this year. I like to research as many of the bands playing as I can so that I don’t miss out on great acts. This was one of the bands I had discovered that I definitely wanted to check out. In the weeks leading up to Osheaga I kept hearing amazing stories of their live act so my expectations were set pretty high. I have to admit, they did not only meet my high expectations they exceeded them! Their live show is not to be missed!

I  followed that amazing show by seeing a familiar band again. I have seen Stars live many times, I mean that as no slight. I like them so much that despite having seen them so often including earlier this year I decided to see them again. This performance was different because they had invited many friends to join them on stage so every song or two a new guest would appear and sing along with them. For a list of all their guests check out the setlist.

I managed to catch a bit of the Avett Brothers before retreating back to the back stages for awhile. They were looking and sounding great.

Next I caught FKA Twigs whose performance certainly enhanced her intriguing music. Some of her graceful moves has been captured in the photos of her performance, but it was a brilliant display.

I managed to catch most of Viet Cong‘s performance before having to race back to the main stage for Florence + The Machine, who coincidently performed in the very first Osheaga festival I attended. The difference was instead of being an afternoon act she was now the main stage headliner. If there were any doubts about whether she deserved that promotion she quickly put those to rest. She not only sounded amazing, but she put good use to the entirety of the main stage gracefully floating all over it making everyone feel like they were part of her amazing performance. It was a brilliant conclusion to what was an amazing first day of Osheaga 2015.


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Stars & Friends



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FKA Twigs


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