Time to kick off Tuesday on the right foot. Nothing like some great new music to get you going and put a smile on your face. Here’s The Matinee August 18 edition.

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Damaged Bug – “The Mirror”

Should anyone be surprised that Thee Oh Sees’ frontman John Dwyer has a side project? As Damaged Bug, the musician-who-never-takes-a-break Dwyer channels his psychedelia into a wave of synth-driven deliciousness. On “The Mirror”, which is the lead single from Cold Hot Plumbs, the track is filled with the characteristic Thee Oh Sees’ vibe but the approach is different. Instead of fuzzy guitars, we get whimsical electronic arrangements. We also get a Dwyer that is more restrained and focused, although still as trippy as ever.

Cold Hot Plumbs is Dwyer’s second album as Damaged Bug. It’s available now via Lolipop Records and Castleface Records. Pick it up at either labels’ online stores (Lolipop / Castleface), iTunes, Amazon, and eMusic.

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Whisky Stain – “The Lord’s Revolver”

Forget about Brit-pop. The UK is becoming a factory for anthemic, garage-rock bands. Royal Blood and Drenge are the most recognizable acts. The next one could be very well be Whisky Stain. Similar to the aforementioned bands, the duo from Nottingham and London, UK build on the sound that The Black Keys popularized and add an extra layer of grit. Their latest single, “The Lord’s Revolver”, bleeds with dark, rhythmic blues-rock and adds a gospel-like chant (not quite Gregorian) to add a pulsating quality. This is a scorcher of a track. And lyrically, the allegory (““I’m not a man I’m just a carbon figure / The Lord don’t create he just pulls the trigger / The sun will shine like the flash from his gun / So hold on tight for armageddon”“).

The single officially drops August 28th via I’m Not From London Records.

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Cold Beat – “Spirals”

If Whisky Stain got your heart pounding, Cold Beat will take your breath away with their latest single, “Spirals”. The second single from their forthcoming album, Into the Air, “Spirals” is a spatial, synth-pop masterpiece that is literally an auditory orgasm. It channels the vibrant beats of early New Order, the chilling effects of Beach House, and the haunting allure of Nite Jewel. For a band that blew us away with post-punk rock sensibilities on Over Me, they now try to lull us into a hypnotic stupor and it’s working.

Cold Beat are from San Francisco and comprised of Hannah Lew, Kyle King, Jackson Blumgart, and Susi Leni. Into the Air comes out September 4 via Lew’s label, Crime on the Moon. Pre-order the album at the label’s store, iTunes, and Amazon.

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Coke Weed – “Dead Man Walking”

Crawling below the weeds for nearly a decade is Bar Harbor, Maine’s Coke Weed. With a krautrock-infused psychedelic, dance vibe, how is this possible? Their latest single, “Dead Man Walking”, is a funky, trippy number that echoes with the coolness of mid-career David Bowie. And like Bowie’s classics, “Dead Man Walking” is highly infectious and likely going to cause involuntary spasms and gyrations.

“Dead Man Walking” is from Coke Weed’s forthcoming fourth album, Mary Weaver. It’s out October 9th via Beyond is Beyond Records. Pre-order it at BIBB’s Bandcamp site.

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Have You Ever Seen the Jane Fonda Aerobic VHS? – “Family Man”

Maybe the best band name ever created is Have You Ever Seen the Jane Fonda Aerobic VHS? – or just HYESTJFAVHS for short. The trio from Kouvola, Finland‘s music matches its name – deliriously fun and music that will get you moving like…um, a Jane Fonda aerobic tape. Seriously, when you hear their new single, “Family Man”, you’ll want to be pumping each arm in the air, jumping in place, and just shaking all over. So put on the headband, break out the leotards, and squeeze into those tights and rock out to the blistering punk-pop of HYESTJFAVHS.

“Family Man” is the second single from HYESTJFAVHS’s forthcoming debut album, Teenage Sweetheart, which will be released in September via VILD Recordings.

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Connie Constance – “Euphoric”

After some pulverizing music, we need to slow things down a little. While Connie Constance‘s new single, “Euphoric”, is an enchanting lullaby, the building grooves and her voice that ranges from lush to soulful make the song enticing and mesmerizing. It stuns with subtlety, where each note embraces your mind and Constance’s voice clouds your mind. It’s a brilliant, gorgeous song from an immensely gifted singer-songwriter who is only twenty years old.

“Euphoric” is the second single from the London-based artist’s forthcoming debut EP, In The Grass, which will be released September 25th via Black Acre.

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