The Matinee August 19 edition includes six new tracks which has something for everyone today. We have one track from the UK, one from Canada and the rest from the US.

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 Alek Fin – “Án Mynda”

Alek Fin is an LA-based electronic artist  and producer actually named Adam Finkel. After receiving great reviews from his Mull EP released two years ago he took time to meticulously craft a follow up EP which will be released later this fall which will also be titled Án Mynda.

The title track is a thoughtfully constructed electronic chill wave track complimented with Finkel’s smooth vocals. The summer is almost coming to an end, but this is the perfect track to play when you just want to relax and get zen.

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Coquin Migale – “Socotra”

One of our favorite UK band finds are Coquin Migale. The boys from Newcastle released their second EP Feel late last year and next to Gold, this was our favorite track off the EP. At the time it wasn’t on soundcloud, so we are happy to share as it’s finally up.  We also did a Q&A with the band late last year so if you want to find more about these up and coming lads including how to pronounce their band name, click here.

The band is also looking for a new guitarist and bass player, so if you live in the area – definitely hit them up as we want to see the band continue to make awesome tracks in the future.

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Memoryy – “Feeling Sinister”

Memoryy is actually Shaun Hettinger and before forming Memoryy, Hettinger’s band was called Kitten Berry Crunch complete with crazy off the wall lyrics and 80s inspired videos like “Miami“. After deciding to work on the band’s 3rd release with a more serious tone, the name was changed to Memoryy. After positive feedback from 2014’s Young Oblivion EP, Memoryy is back with a new single “Feeling Sinister” which has an upbeat yet tropical feel complete with bongos and horns.

Stay tuned for more from this Brooklyn based artist and producer including new single releases and an upcoming video.

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A Social State – “Dizzy”

A Social State is an indie rock band out of Scranton, PA and they have been making some notable 90s feeling alt rock for the past few years. The band is comprised of Ed Cuozzo on lead vocals and guitar, Jon Fletcher on bass and back up vocals, CJ Williams on lead guitar and Nick Ogonosky on drums.

“Dizzy” is an upbeat percussion heavy track that keeps your toes tapping and head bobbing. The track has guest vocals from Kristen Jordan of Pity Party and additional guitar and backing vocals from Jay Preston of Esta Coda.

We hope there will be a new release in the works from these PA based rockers.

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Surf Rock Is Dead – “Anymore”

Surf Rock is Dead are back with another stellar track titled “Anymore”. The New York based duo (originally from Chicago and Melbourne) of Kevin Pariso and Joel Witenberg continue to release one solid single after another. We have already shared both “Late Risers” and “Zen A” and we are patiently awaiting an album or EP release.

The track “Anymore” quenches your shoegaze thirst along with a shot of dream pop goodness. Although the subject matter of the song is about that relationship you know is about to end which isn’t necessarily a happy thing, the upbeat tempo somehow leaves you feeling better than before.

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Young Empires – “Uncover Your Eyes”

Young Empires is a rising rock band from Toronto, Canada and “Uncover Your Eyes” is a great track off of their full length debut The Gates that will be out September 4. Although the trio formed in 2010, this is the first proper full length release for the band as they previously released their Wake All My Youth EP in 2012.  Young Empires is comprised of Matthew Vlahovich, Jacob Palahnuk and Taylor Hill.

“Uncover Your Eyes” is a great track speaking to overcoming your past and moving forward anyway. The song reminds us that we all have the power to ignore the lies we sometimes tell ourselves and be who we are supposed to be all along, regardless of what we have done in our past. Their title track “The Gates” is also uplifting and upbeat speaking to knowing that you are not alone. They actually just released a pretty awesome video for The Gates. You can pre-order their album here and instantly get a download of three tracks from the album.

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